Friday, June 24, 2011

Guest blogger: Luna!

How you turn this thing on?
Hi. Is Luna. Today Take Your Dog to Work Day. Mom don't work at away job today, so she sit me down here and she said, "Luna, you're going to learn how to blog." She said I get cookie for every paragraph I write. Then she explain what paragraph means.

Is paragraph. Is cookie time now?

Paragraph again. More cookie?

Mom just yelled at me, said I get no more cookies if I don't write paragraphs right. I is dog, what she expect? I wish mom work for Kong. Kong make toys that mom and dad put noms in. I like noms. Speaking of noms, is cookie time yet?

I bet if mom work for Kong, I get more cookies. And squeaky balls. I like squeaky balls. They not make me write blog post. They let me pick out toy to destroy. I be product tester. But mom no work for Kong. Instead, mom make me blog. Is hard to blog. Is hard to type with paws. Too big for small keyboard. I press other keys and have to backspace to delete them, but when I press backspace, I press more keys. So I type with nose, but nose too big for keyboard too. Kong, why you no hire mom? She good writer. And cookie-giver. She stuff Kong good, with peanut butter and cookie.


Stupid blog and stupid small keyboard. Human paws too small. They can't even walk on front ones! Humans strange. Mom and dad strange. They keep talking about thing called "camping." I not know what camping means, but they happy about it. Not wagging tails, but I know they happy. Last time I heard camping word, I stayed at grandma's house. I like grandma's house. She has pool and bones and tennis balls and Lucy. Lucy steals balls from me in pool and hides them. I still like her.

I guess camping word means I go to grandma's house and go swimming with Lucy, who steals balls, but now they ask me if I want go. I don't know what camping mean, so I don't know if I want go. Please tell me what camping mean. Camping has cookies? Bones? Tennis balls? Kennies I can chase? I like barking at kennies, they stupid. I bet they don't write blogs. They can't work keyboard, they just lay on it. Stupid kennies.

Mom said I get play with squeaky ball now for writing blog. She said I is good dog. I like being good dog. I get cookies when I good dog. I get no cookies when I bad dog. Usually get yelled at and told to lay down when I bad dog. Don't know why.

Mom said I need to tell about my Facebook. I has one. You need to like me because everybody like Luna. Luna fun. Luna jump on you when you come over, but that is okay. I know you like it.

And here is video of me jumping in pool for tennis ball. Before Lucy stole it. Is fun. I famous dog now.

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