Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Camping!!!!!!!!!!!! By Luna the golden retriever

Hi. Is Luna again. Mom busy with big project for new writing thing, so she make me write about camping. She said I get Kong filled with cookies and peanut butter if I do good job.

Camping fun. Camping mean you go out to the woods and watch mom and dad put together this cloth house with long metal sticks. They call it 'tent.' Then you go play all day and sleep by a big metal round thing with fire while mom and dad drink and talk to friends and be loud and annoy neighbors. Neighbors got mad and told friends the next day that they need be quiet. It was funny. Mom and dad yell at me be quiet all the time.
Me in front of big metal fire thing...or am I fire breathing dog?
And then you sleep in tent and are a little cold, but mom let me sleep under the covers until dad went to bed and kicked me out. Not fair. I was there first. I did all work of warming up the spot.

And then you know what happens? When you wake up, you do it all over again!

Mom and dad got mad at me for getting loose the first day and going swimming without them. They said they thought I was going to swim across the whole lake and never return, but I think they just mad because I got to go swimming without them. I was just getting the stick they left out there because the other dog didn't want to get it! Did they want to just leave it there? No way!

Mom put me on long leash so I not swim across whole lake and let me fetch sticks the next day. It was fun. I never swim in waves before. They fun. Hard to jump over, but fun.

But the day after that, mom and dad took long metal poles out of tent and rolled it up! I did not swim that day, but friends got to. Not fair! Why I no swim? I good at swimming. Is fun. Mom said she didn't want her car smell like wet dog and they already packed away my towel. But I can shake off. I go swimming? I no smell like wet dog.

Swimming without Lucy is fun. Lucy steals balls and hides them. Lucy doesn't like it when I jump in pool. She thinks all balls are hers. Lucy still fun. I like Lucy.

But maybe now I like camping more? I dunno. Camping fun. Lucy fun. Swimming fun. I like fun. I go camping again? Swimming?
I do good job? I get Kong now?

Guess what?! You can now watch video of me swimming. Thanks dad!

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