Friday, May 20, 2011

Have you ever seen the Lorax's feet? Crazy hairy!

So today, I thought we'd look at...wait, what is that thing?

The fur--the madness!!

Oh, thank God. It's just a dog...I think. 

Have no fear, I'll take care of this hairy beast! 

It's time to vanquish that Lorax hair!  

 See, the trick to grooming your dog at home is to do it slowly, planning each snip and carefully trimming the massive amounts of fur piece by piece.

You can't just grab your fiance's razor and attack like you have a personal vendetta against your dog's paw hair. You'll make her look dorky, like that kid in elementary school whose mom would give him a half-assed bowl cut every month. 

Which, coincidentally, is exactly what I did....

...Sorry, Luna. First the whole being leashed in the backyard thing, now this. You're sure to be the laughingstock of the dog park. Well, if that stupid poodle teases you one more time, just go ahead and tell her that her stupid poodle haircut makes her ass look fat. That'll teach her. 

With that, I leave you with a semi-artsy-fartsy shot of a pile of dog hair. Enjoy. 


  1. But does Luna speak for the trees? I think that's the important question to ask in this scenario... :)

  2. Unfortunately, Luna speaks at the trees, not for them. Someday, I'm sure the trees will speak back and show her the error of her ways.