Thursday, August 11, 2011

Infiltrating VidCon...Just for You!

So all you good followers are probably anxiously awaiting this magnificent blog post I promised you. To that I say, don't you have a life?

Nevertheless, here it is, the reason why we went to LA in the first place. Sure, we went to have fun and explore, but there was a reason that started it all. We just don't pack up and head to LA for no reason.

Look! It's a Tesla Coil! But that's not the point. You see, our trip centered around a visit to VidCon. Yes. VidCon. A blogger went to a YouTube conference. Do you feel betrayed? Because it would be totally awesome if you did.

So why did I, a super-awesome blogger, decide to spend my weekend keeping company with those low-down vloggers?

I honestly don't know. It was Pat's idea, really. I just went along for the ride. I mean, who would willingly spend so much time with nerds like that?

I mean, look at them, with their cameras in the air. Filming. Really?! Filming? Don't they all know that blogging is the wave of the future? Don't they know that only the uber nerds use their cameras to make videos? It's all about the pictures and the words, ya'll.

Why do I keep saying ya'll? Maybe I caught something from one of those YouTubers. Note to self: schedule doctor's appointment to get that checked out.

I really was the life of the party. Everybody wanted to get a picture with the world-famous blogger of Awesome Wordage. Like this famous (if you can call YouTube celebrity fame. Psssh.) girl that got her start from the 'Tubes.

I know you don't recognize her, but that right there is Jessica Rose from LonelyGirl15 "fame." I'm sure you can tell by this picture that I'm all like, "'sup. I'm wearing brown shorts because I'm awesome." And she's all like, "OMG, it's totally that chick that made that blog post about towels!!!!!!1" Because that's exactly what happened. And check the Rockstar product placement, too.  Yeah, I'm totally (not) sponsored.

And then this guy practically attacked me with what is obviously extreme excitement from meeting his favorite person in the world. You know it.

Seriously folks, this place was just a giant nerd fest. I will never understand why people would want to share things about themselves on the internet. Weirdos.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAH...remember people, this is satire at its finest, and I have the finest blogger in the world!!

  2. Excellento!!! Loved the blog Lisa!! I don't understand the whole vlog or film thing either.. Wait.. What is YouTube? Hey Pat! How are you? I hope you're well, as I wish Luna is well also! HA! CHEERS! Have a GREAT weekend!

  3. "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" - a self professed NERD!

  4. Lol this was awesome!
    Who was that crazy weirdo that attacked you??!! ;0)