Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why yes, it IS bigger on the inside!

You know when you go to some historical re-enactment kind of event and you feel kinda nerdy because you like watching the Pony Express riders going back and forth and giggle when one dude tries to sell you miracle elixir? And then you know when they fire a cannon or burn a brothel and you feel kinda justified because, hey, this shit is pretty cool after all?

This post isn't about that. 

This post is about when you go to said historical-type event and enjoy yourself immensely until you go into a store and see a life-size cardboard cutout of a TARDIS. And suddenly your life is no longer complete because you don't own a life-size cardboard cutout of a TARDIS.

This is my (slightly creepy) I'm-excited-because-I-have-a-cardboard-TARDIS face

Yes, I bought a cardboard TARDIS. Yes, I giggle every single time I see it because it makes me furiously happy like only a ridiculous thing like a cardboard TARDIS can. My brain, which should be in full-fledged wedding planning mode because, hello, I'm getting married on Saturday (well, I was getting married on Saturday when I first typed this post. Now I'm already married. Which, ya know, is kinda cool. I'm a wife now, bitches!), is now in full-fledged TARDIS mode. Like when I'm driving to work, but all I'm thinking about is how funny would it be to put the TARDIS in the bathroom while everyone's asleep. Or maybe how dressing Luna up as the Doctor or a Dalek and posing her in front of the TARDIS would make for a fantastic and festive Christmas card. 
Artsy shot of the TARDIS = first place winner in every photography contest.


We could ...are you ready for this?... decorate the TARDIS following me here?... for each and every holiday. 
I'm thinking some ghosts and spiderwebs for Halloween...

BOOM! That shit just paid for itself!

The moral of this post: I'm back, bitches, and I have a life-size cardboard cutout of a TARDIS. So expect a lot of  TARDIS-y things from me. A. Freaking. Lot.


  1. I'm super jealous!! I've got to come ova and take a pic next to the Tardis!!!

  2. Girl, you are killing me - KILLING! First of all, congrats on the wedding thing, but more importantly...YOU GOT A TARDIS! How awesome are you?

    Also? --> "Artsy shot of the TARDIS = first place winner in every photography contest." <---YESS!!!!

  3. I was just searching local blogs and your first words grabbed me like huron particles at a wedding. CONGRATS on the Tardis!! Awesome score, consider me a fan :)

    1. Thanks! Now to work on those Tardis Christmas cards...